5 Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

If you’re in the market for a new house, it’s likely that you’re debating the benefits of buying a new-build home versus purchasing an existing home. It’s a tough choice, but in today’s market and with today’s advancements in home building, you may find that the advantages of purchasing a new-build home are more enticing than ever.

1. The Protection of a New-Home Warranty

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a new-construction home is the protection you get from a good warranty. Warranties can cover a variety of issues that may arise, such as a leaky roof, issues with appliances, problems with soil movement or erosion, and much more. With a previously built home, there may be unwelcome surprises that leave you with an unexpected bill. If you build with a quality home builder you can rest assured your home will be covered. Take Harpeth Valley Homes’ warranty, for example—it’s extensive, lasts 10 years, and is backed by Liberty Mutual.

2. Less Maintenance

Investing in a new-build home will also likely reduce your maintenance costs. Your home will have a new HVAC system, roof, furnace, electrical system, appliances, and much more. With a new home, you will not have to worry about replacing or repairing those costly items until further down the road. These items may have to be replaced within the first year of owning a previously built home, but with a new home, you can go years before having to replace some of these big-ticket items. For example, a well-maintained HVAC system could last 15+ years before needing to be replaced.

3. High-Rated Energy Efficiency

If you’re passionate about staying green or saving money, energy efficiency is likely very important to you! New-build homes are built according to much stricter energy standards than those built in previous decades. These improved standards will help you stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and save money all year long. If you’ve got the environment in mind, a new build is an excellent option—increased efficiency can help lower greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate energy waste.

4. Modern Floor Plans & Design

Homes built in previous decades may not align with your aesthetic vision! They can be dark, cluttered, lacking in natural light, and often don’t have the same flow we’ve come to appreciate with modern layouts. New-build homes are built with a more current mindset, meaning they’ll require much less renovation to achieve your ideal design. With open floor plans and high-quality details—such as hardwood floors, under-cabinet lighting, plenty of storage and thoughtful layouts—the benefits of a new-build home are brought to light when you consider your vision and design.

5. Exciting Neighborhood Amenities

Aside from all these in-home benefits, the perks of living in a new community reach beyond your house—they extend into the community surrounding it. Many new communities, including those developed by Harpeth Valley Homes, present a variety of enticing amenities for families of all shapes and sizes, such as newly-built playgrounds, swimming pools, clubhouses, beautifully landscaped, walkable neighborhoods, and more. They are often also managed by an HOA, which offers maintenance services for your yard and home exterior.

Reap the Benefits of Buying a Harpeth Valley New-Build Home

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